Studies and Reports

The League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclist maintains an excellent repertoire of advocacy tools tailored to address many of the challenges and obstacles that advocates tend to encounter. This series of tools, case studies, and reports can be found by clicking here.

Additionally, the League issues an annual report card on Bicycle-Friendliness for each individual state. You can see this year's current rankings and past rankings by clicking here. 

Alliance for Biking and Walking

The Alliance issues an annual benchmarking report that is thorough and widely regarded as a seminal indicator for the direction of the bike/ped movement. The Alliance also releases various reports throughout the year on the most pressing issues at hand. You can find an archive of their benchmarking reports an other studies by clicking here.

 Adventure Cycling Association

The ACA is spearheading the national coordination of the U.S. Bicycle Route system. Bike Walk Tennessee has been working closely with ACA and relying on their vast expertise as we advocate for the designation of U.S. Bicycle Routes through Tennessee. The ACA maintains an exhaustive compilation of feasibility reports and economic impacts studies related to the positive economic benefits of bicycle tourism, which you can explore by clicking here.