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The wildlife. The wetlands. The mountains. The music. Adventure abounds in Tennessee.

Bike Walk TN is building a network of bicycle routes that establish Tennessee as a regional hub for bicycle tourism and an international destination for outdoor adventure. The U.S. Bicycle Route (USBR) system through Tennessee serves as the spine of this network, and adjoining spurs and loops comprise the TN Scenic Bikeways (TNSB) system. Together, the USBR and TNSB systems connect Tennessee's remarkable landscapes and will attract millions of dollars in tourism revenue.

Our goal is to achieve official designation of all U.S. Bicycle Routes in Tennessee by the end of 2016. Concurrently, we'll be scouting routes for the TN Scenic Bikeway network and completing that network over the new few years. You don't have to wait until these networks are complete to enjoy Tennessee by bicycle, though! Please visit TDOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program website for links to the state's existing bicycle route program.


With its geographic centrality to the entire Eastern half of the United States, Tennessee is an excellent launchpad for your long-distance bicycle tours. Land in Memphis and follow the Mississippi River Trail to New Orleans or St. Louis. Start your trip in Nashville and ride on U.S. Bike Route 23 to Kentucky or Alabama or U.S. Bike Route 121 to Chattanooga. Launch out of Chattanooga and ride U.S. Bike Route 21 to Atlanta or Knoxville. Plans are underway to complete U.S. Bike Route 80, which would connect Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and the Tri-Cities. Click here to learn more about the U.S. Bicycle Route network in Tennessee.


The U.S. Bicycle Route network in Tennessee provides a spine that connects a who network of other routes frequented by bicyclists across Tennessee. The TN Scenic Bikeways program is currently being launched by Bike Walk Tennessee. The TN Scenic Bikeways network will consist of various loops and spurs based around the U.S. Bicycle Route network. Bike Walk Tennessee is in the early stages of developing the TN Scenic Bikeways network, with initial efforts focussing on the Chattanooga region. Learn more about the TN Scenic Bikeways program by clicking here.