U.S. Bicycle Route 21, 121, and 121A

USBR Corridor Plan



Comment Period for USBR 21, 121, and 121A NOW OPEN!


Over the past six months, we've been working with dozens of bike clubs, ride leaders, cycling enthusiasts, and transportation officials to scout U.S. Bicycle Routes 21 and 121. With this input, we have created a series of proposed routes and would now like for your help in determining if they are the most suitable options of official USBR designation. 

Selecting the best route is no easy task. There is a set of criteria that we look for in selecting a route, which you can find here. Take a second to review these criteria, and then have a look at the proposed routes, which we have linked below. If you are familiar with these roads, or know of a potentially better alternative, please get in touch with Matt Farr at matt@bikewalktn.org with your feedback and suggestions. We intend to keep this comment period open through November 1, at which point we will be working with local jurisdictions to secure the required sign-offs. Our goal is to work with TDOT to submit finalized routes in Spring 2016 for official USBR designation.

USBR 21 runs north-south and connects Kentucky to Georgia through Knoxville and Chattanooga. Paralleling the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this route is scenic and has the potential to attract touring cyclists from around the world. Please find a proposed route for USBR 21 at this link.

USBR 121 connects Chattanooga to Nashville via South Pittsburg, Sewanee, Cowan, Tullahoma, Bell Buckle, and Murfreesboro. We are also proposing an alternate route, which you can find below. We have selected this as the primary route due to the higher frequency of amenities available. You can find the proposed route for USBR 121 at this link.

USBR 121A also connects Chattanooga to Nashville, but splits off of the primary route mentioned above at Sewanee and passes through Monteagle, Tracy City, and Manchester on the east side of Interstate 24 before reconnecting with the primary route in Bell Buckle. You can find the proposed route for USBR 121A at this link.

Please remit any comments, feedback, or suggestions to matt@bikewalktn.org before November 1st. Your input is valuable and appreciated. Thank you so much for your help as we work to make Tennessee a premier destination for touring cyclists.