Our goal is to double the number of people biking and walking in Tennessee by 2020.


To achieve this goal, the Bike Walk Tennessee Board of Directors has developed and approved four core strategies. Our board  and staff team executes tactics developed to advance these strategies.

Strategy #1: Create a network of high quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities and related multimodal infrastructure across Tennessee.

Tactic #1: Lead the development of the U.S. Bicycle Route and TN Scenic Bikeways network

Tactic #2: Support local municipalities in their requests for state and federal funding


Strategy #2: Weave bicycling and walking into the cultural fabric of communities across Tennessee.

Tactic #1: Produce the Tennessee Bike Summit in cities across Tennessee

Tactic #2: Promote events and programs statewide with dedicated communications staff


Strategy #3: Protect people who walk and bike through educational efforts with law enforcement, motorists, and people who walk and bike.

Tactic #1: Partner with law enforcement agencies and offer trainings and resources

Tactic #2: Support local educational programs; pursue funding for statewide campaigns


Strategy #4: Increase the number of advocates and size of advocacy organizations across Tennessee.

Tactic #1: Provide scholarships for new attendees to the National Bike Summit

Tactic #2: Provide resources and guidance in the creation of local advocacy groups



The greater amount of support we can build, the greater change we can affect. Please consider supporting our work by becoming a member today.