2018 Tennessee Bike Walk Summit

May 31 - June 1  |  Nashville, TN  |  Lentz Public Health Center

This year, Bike Walk Tennessee is focusing on walking AND biking at our annual summit; changing the name of the summit from Tennessee Bike Summit to Tennessee Bike Walk Summit.  This new focus grows from a commitment to building streets that are safe and inviting for all people.  We believe that our communities are stronger and more economically vibrant when people walk and bike, and we are proud to build on the success of the Tennessee Bike Summit these past six years; to extend this work to both walking and biking as we support a bright future for our great state.

The TN Bike Walk Summit will return to Music City - Nashville - for it's seventh summit.  Music City not only offers some of the world's best music and venues, but the city is also rich in history, art and delicious food.  Join us May 31st - June 2nd in Nashville for an exciting event. 


The TN Bike Walk Summit brings together cyclists, advocates, and transportation professionals from across the state to share resources and best practices related to bicycle infrastructure, funding, education, outreach, and policy. Through a series of keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and mobile workshops, The TN Bike Walk Summit is a valuable educational and networking experience. 


2017 Summit Participants - Memphis, TN

A New Study from UT Knoxville Shows TN Voters Support Investments in Biking and Walking.


The study reports that 57% of registered voters in Tennessee believe that any increase in the state gas tax should go to infrastructure for biking, walking, and transit in addition to roads and bridges.  You can view the report summary here.


Tennessee is a great place to walk or ride a bicycle.


In fact, we think it's one of the greatest places in the world for biking and walking. With a temperate climate, a diversity of distinct landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, Tennessee has a lot to offer those who enjoy life by bike or on foot.

Communities across Tennessee are embracing bicycling and walking as never before. In 2009--the year Bike Walk Tennessee was founded--our state ranked forty-third in Bicycle Friendliness. This year we rank twentieth. In that time we have seen the creation of dedicated funding for bicycling and walking from TDOT, the adoption of Complete Streets policies in every major city and the passage of laws that protect bicyclists and pedestrians.

These changes don't just happen on their own. They follow the will of the people. Bike Walk Tennessee is a connector, cultivator and promoter of this community will.

Help us improve the vibrancy, safety and sustainability of communities across Tennessee by supporting biking and walking.


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