About Us



Bike Walk Tennessee is a network of individuals and groups who create power through a unified statewide voice for bicycling and walking. Our network is deeply interested in creating safer streets across Tennessee, and we come together in a community of sharing, service, and support to leverage combined resources that achieve great results.

Our Mission

Bike Walk Tennessee advocates for better biking and walking in Tennessee.

Bike Walk Tennessee serves as a statewide voice to advance public policy that improves economic development, health equity, and quality of life.

Bike Walk Tennessee connects and educates supporters and constituents to create regional, statewide, and national efforts that support biking and walking in Tennessee.

Our Values

We have a vision.
We are inspired by the potential of bicycling and walking to invigorate and transform the cities, communities and rural areas of Tennessee.

We are multi-modal.
We work for a balanced transportation system where every type of user is accommodated, a philosophy defined as Complete Streets.

We are statewide.
We work hard to be an organization for all of Tennessee, advocating for large cities, smaller communities and rural areas alike.

We believe in the power of coalitions.
We embrace partnerships with civic, transportation, recreational, educational, social-change, health, environmental, business, development and community organizations.

We are grassroots.
We believe in the power of communities joined together in common purpose; from neighborhoods to the state house, we believe that individuals can work together to make a positive difference.

Our Structure 

Bike Walk Tennessee is a 501(c)3 organization registered with the federal and state revenue authorities. Bike Walk Tennessee is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, whom you can meet here. Bike Walk Tennessee serves as the fiscal sponsor for 4 active regional sub-committees (RSCs) located in Brentwood, Cleveland, Franklin, and Knoxville. Bike Walk Knoxville has had sub-committees in communities across Tennessee, and is eager to connect with others. For more information, contact Lindsey Kimble at [email protected]