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Welcome to the home of Franklin's local champion for a healthy biking and walking community! We love our city and want to work to make it even better through education, infrastructure, and awareness. We are committed to showing our citizens and community leaders the benefits of walking and biking, while raising awareness of laws that protect pedestrians and cyclists.


Watch a short presentation about our organization below:

Current Projects

Walk/Bike to School Day: We join the thousands of schools across the U.S. participating in a Walk Bike & Roll day every spring and fall. We collaborate with school administrators and physical education instructors to plan and publicize an approximately one mile route that is safe for students and parents of all abilities. It gives instructors an opportunity to encourage physical activity and talk about healthy lifestyles, all while including students and parents in a highly visible and fun event. See coverage of our 2022 Walk to School Day at Johnson Elementary here
Advocating for City Investment: As the City of Franklin begins a review of its Capital Investment Program for large construction projects, we are working with elected officials to prioritize funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Ahead of the city election on October 24, we are also surveying candidates running for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen about their views on biking and walking in Franklin. Responses will be shared on our social media platforms.  
Bike Valet: We assist large events in Franklin by staffing bike parking areas for efficiency and safety. Look for our bicycle parking at the city's 4th of July celebration at Harlinsdale and during the Pilgrimage Music Festival.  

Additional Services

Bike Walk Franklin draws on decades of active transportation experience from our members and we are pleased to offer a variety of consulting and instructional services to local organizations at no charge. Browse the menu below to see how we can help your group teach traffic safety, improve accommodations or plan emissions-free ways for people to travel to work or school.

Bicycle Safety Instruction: Learning to ride a bike is just the start. Riders need to be versed in rules of the road and common safety hazards before starting to bike in traffic. This course can be customized for age groups from elementary school children to adults, and run from 20 minutes to two hours. Topics include the "ABC" critical components to check before you ride, helmet fitting, common hand signals, riding positions in traffic, and Tennessee's "Three Foot Law" for motorists. See a sample of this presentation given at Franklin Tomorrow's FrankTalk. 

Traffic School for Kids: Looking for a more interactive way to teach bicycle safety at your school or youth group? Our team can convert an empty parking lot into a miniature city grid for hands-on instruction. Children can experience 4-way stops, turns and merging with traffic in a safe environment. 

Worksite Consultations: Want to make your workplace more accommodating to alternative commuters, but don't know where to start? We can help evaluate options that will make pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders feel welcome on your property. Options could include adding covered bike parking spaces, providing indoor changing areas, or even building locker rooms and showers for commuters to use.  

Commuter Route Planning: Want to ditch the car getting to work, but nervous about that first ride? We can help you plan the best way to start commuting by bike, foot, mass transit -- or any combination of the three! Our members will draw on years of road riding experience to map out a route that meets an individual's comfort level, while avoiding busy or dangerous stretches of road. We can also help select the best type of bicycle and accessories to handle any season. 

Field Trips for Planners: This is a custom tour geared towards engineers, land use planners, and public officials wanting to see best practices for active transportation. Our group can lead a walking or cycling tour showing the variety of greenways, sidewalks and streets where citizens travel in Franklin -- and the types of hazards that still need addressing through public policy. 

Our ability to affect positive change in Franklin is only as great as the number of supporters we have. We invite you to support bicycling and walking in Franklin by making a tax-deductible gift.


Want to get connected with Bike Walk Franklin and find out all the great things we are doing? Contact us at [email protected].

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