Bike Walk Tennessee is a convener.

The core of Bike Walk Tennessee's mission is to connect assets and resource across the state. When ideas are exchanged, successes are celebrated, and new relationships are formed, an engaged statewide network emerges and statewide leverage is created. 

Bike Walk Tennessee is an organizer.

Bike Walk Tennessee supports the development of regional advocacy organizations. Bike Walk TN serves as their fiscal agent, and they have their own regional advisory committees that direct their local advocacy efforts. This support includes membership management, fundraising frameworks, and strategic planning. Bike Walk TN currently works with two regional advisory committees: Bike Walk Knoxville and Bike Walk Chattanooga

Bike Walk Tennessee is a promoter.

As mentioned on our TN Bike Routes page, Tennessee is full the world's greatest people, places, and events. With popular bicycle clubs and active advocacy groups in every major Tennessee city, there's always something going on. Bike Walk Tennessee is an aggregator of outdoor events and activities across the state, and maintains a robust social media presence to encourage involvement in local initiatives and participation in local events. Bike Walk Tennessee is currently working on coordinating statewide safety and awareness campaigns in cooperation with local, state, and national partners. 

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