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Bike Walk Brentwood – Smith Park Mountain Bike Trails 

A memo of understanding (MOU) has been signed between Bike Walk Brentwood (BWB) and the City of Brentwood to begin trail design work on the mountain bike trails at Marcella Vivrette Smith Park. The trail design should be completed in about 2 months after funds have been raised. Once we have a city approved trail design in place, we will begin the trail building phase of the project.

Bike Walk Brentwood is in the process of contracting with Rock Solid Trail Contracting to design and build the mountain bike trails at Smith Park. Rock Solid Trail Contracting has designed and built some of the best trails in the country including mountain bike destinations Bentonville, AR, Copper Harbor, MI and Cuyuna, MN. They are among the best mountain bike trail builders and designers in the country, and we are excited to work with them on this project. We will have a signed contract soon.

Now that an MOU has been signed and a trailbuilder chosen, it’s time to start the fundraising. This trail will not become a reality without funding. Trail design will cost will be about $14,000 with the trailbuiding cost being about $100,000. We will know the exact amount once the trail design is complete as the design and building cost is based on the exact trail length.

This new outdoor recreation amenity will serve the surrounding neighborhoods and the city of Brentwood. The trails will also allow the Brentwood high school and middle school mountain bike league teams to thrive by providing a local practice training location. Brentwood is home of the 6th grade girls 1st and 3rd place finishers as well as the 4th place Freshman boys finisher at the 2021 State Championship race. Your support will mean a lot to our young athletes!

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