Tennessee Bike Walk Summit
October 20 - 21, 2022
Franklin, TN

Bike Walk Tennessee is thrilled to issue a call for speakers for the 2022 Tennessee Bike Walk Summit in Franklin. This year, Bike Walk Tennessee will again be focusing on walking and biking at our annual Summit. This focus stems from a commitment to building streets that are safe and inviting for all people. We believe that our communities are stronger and more economically vibrant when people walk and bike.

The Tennessee Bike Walk Summit attracts a unique mix of participants from local government, advocacy, retailers, and a wide variety of partners in the fields of health, environment, transportation, and urban planning.

The purpose of the Tennessee Bike Walk Summit is to:

  • Educate and facilitate collaboration among attendees
  • Promote bicycling and walking as key parts of a healthy transportation network and an economic driver
  • Highlight Tennessee’s progress toward becoming a state known for walking and biking


While we will not have specific tracks this year, proposal preference will be given to those that focus on improving access to public space for people who walk and bike. Below are some topics to consider:

Trends in Biking and Walking -   

  • Micro-mobility programs impact on transportation planning
  • E-bikes are bringing in new riders
  • Ideas for novel lower cost bike and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Optimizing technical assistance and funding in small and rural towns in order to improve livability and economy 
  • Transportation demand management strategies that optimize all transportation modes to decrease traffic congestion
  • Updating zoning codes to increase walking, biking, and transit


Let’s Make it Safer for Biking and Walking -

  • Vision Zero initiatives with goals to decrease traffic injuries and deaths
  • Traffic safety infrastructure interventions that prioritize walking and biking
  • Safe Routes to School programming
  • Outreach strategies for the public, elected officials and law enforcement on benefits of multi-modal transportation networks 
  • Driver’s Education on sharing the road with non-motorists
  • Youth bike and walk education programs


Diverse Community Partners’ Impact on Biking and Walking - 

  • Policy creation and implementation that prioritizes walking and biking
  • Activating a culture shift that embraces more transportation choices
  • Expanding funding sources that increase active transportation connectivity/ accessibility
  • Development of population health initiatives based on improving the built environment
  • Development of a broader base for elected officials to assert their “political will” for biking and walking issues
  • Educating community members how to understand, recognize, and address issues that impact safe biking and walking

Format Options

Each Breakout Session is 1 hour long, total. There are two presentation format options available: 1 hour and 30 minutes. When you complete your Proposal Form, please indicate which time slot you would prefer, or you can select “Either 1 hour or 30 minutes” if your presentation could be made to fit either time slot. Please note that two 30 minute time slots will make up one Breakout Session. We will try to pair related/complementary 30 minute presentations for the Breakout Sessions, but cannot make any guarantees. We ask that your presentation, regardless of format, include time for questions. Time for questions is included in your 1 hour or 30 minutes, so please budget your presentation time accordingly. 

Please note that all presentations will be held in-person at the Summit, which will take place on Friday, October 21 at the Williamson Campus of Columbia State Community College in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Submitting a Proposal

Please fill out our Proposal Form completely and submit to Lindsey Kimble at [email protected] by August 21, 2022. Selected proposals will be announced by August 26, 2022.

Summit registration fees will be waived for presenters. (Please note: Maximum of 2 complimentary registrations included per 1 hour presentation; 1 complimentary registration per 30 minute presentation)